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Moose Hunts with Alaska Remote Guide Service

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The hunters in the following 3 pictures weren’t guided by me, but they did use many of the strategies used by myself and my guides and detailed in my hunting DVDs and the following story -  My 3 Day Strategy for Moose Hunting Success by Wayne Kubat

Moose A good sized Alaska moose

Alaska Moose Hunting and Calling

Bull MagnetHunting doesn't get better than this! The emphasis on these fall hunts is towards big moose (our yearly average generally runs between 58 and 64 inches), but brown bears are also prevalent in these same areas and can be hunted on a straight or modified trophy fee basis or as part of a longer combination hunt.  We generally start hunting moose above timberline in their traditional breeding grounds from one of our established and very successful camps, and have very good success with various moose calling strategies(see our Alaska moose calling video). 

We can hunt brown bears on moose carcasses and by glassing hillsides where they are actively feeding on berries and ground squirrels, but can also move to the river bottoms by boat or airplane to hunt them on fish streams. The chance of shooting a black bear, wolf or wolverine, also exists.  Tags work for species of equal or lesser value.  By purchasing a brown bear tag ($100 more and it will work for either species,) you would be legal to harvest moose or bear, whichever species you come across first.  This way if it is late in your hunt and you haven’t taken a moose but see a nice brown bear, you could legally harvest it instead of a moose, but with a moose tag you couldn’t.

If a big bull moose is on your agenda, and you also like the idea of being able to maybe get a brown bear at the same time, please give us serious consideration - soon!

Gun Moose

Prices and Specifics

13 Day 1 X 1 Moose hunt / August 22nd – September 3rd (11 & ½ hunting days) = $14,500.00

This is earlier than most hunters prefer, but we’ve learned some early season hunting strategies that work really well, and often we take our biggest bulls in the early season. Brown bear season is open and can be hunted on a trophy fee basis.  

11 Day 1 X 1 Moose hunt / September 4th – September 14th = $16,000.00

13 Day 1 x 2 Moose &/or Brown Bear hunt / September 14th – 26th = $16,000.00 per person

This is one of the better peak rut hunts for trophy bulls you will find anywhere.  Chances for a good bull each should be near 100%, but chances for brown bear get good too once a moose is down.  You can shoot which ever animal (moose or brown bear) you get an opportunity at first and if you get both, the trophy fee for the 2nd animal is $7000.00. 

14 Day 1 X 1 Moose /Brown Bear Combination – September 15th -28th (moose can only be hunted until Sept. 25th) = $25,000.00

11 Day Moose &/or Brown Bear hunt September 16th – 26th = $16,000.00 for one animal + $7000.00 trophy fee if you take both.  This hunt could occur via jet boat or in a bush plane accessible camp above timberline.

The above suggested dates provide a good starting point but often need to be tweaked a little bit from year to year to mesh with some of the other hunts we offer or to fit your schedule.  We are usually able to offer some flexibility. Trip length includes in and out days and clients should try to arrive a day or two early and leave a day or two later than actual trip dates.  When possible, we try to get clients that achieve early success, out early if they wish.

INCLUDED: The above prices include round trip air charter to and from base camp that usually costs $1000.00 or more with most other outfitters!  We also cover most of your basic expenses between Anchorage and the field, to include: necessary ground transportation to pick up and return you to Anchorage, and food, lodging, and trophy care in the field.  

NOT INCLUDED: Round trip transportation of you and your gear, game and trophies between your home and Anchorage, lodging in Anchorage and/or Wasilla prior to and after your hunt, taxidermy, guide tips or licenses and tags (non-resident hunting license = $85.00, brown/grizzly tag = $500.00, $425.00 sheep tag, $400.00 moose tag, black bear tag = $225.00 – see “License and Tag Fees” link for complete information), and a 2 yr. membership in the Non Resident Hunter Preservation Fund ($150.00)  We will gladly assist you in making arrangements and reservations, and can sell you the tags ourselves.  

NOTE: A person who has been airborne may not take or assist in taking big game until after 3:00 a.m. following the day in which the flight occurred. 

Brown Bear Add On; I do almost all of my moose hunting in Game Management Unit (GMU)16B, where bears are classified as brown bear, the season is open year round, and the bag limit is two per regulatory year.  If you harvest your moose early and want to keep hunting for brown bear, we’ll do our best to accommodate you on a straight or modified trophy fee basis. Our average brown bear taken in the fall is in the 7 & ½ to 8 foot range in part because moose is the primary target. Chances for a larger bear certainly exist, but a bear in the 8’ range is still a nice trophy and the price is right if you get the chance while targeting moose or choose a combination hunt.  If you want a big brown bear, you should probably consider our Spring Brown Bear Hunts.

Straight Trophy Fee Brown Bear Add On: If you achieve early success on a moose and when time, weather and resources allow us to, we don’t mind letting you hang around moose camp a few extra days to try to also get a brown bear. You will need to purchase a tag in advance.  If you have success, the trophy fee for a brown bear is $7000. 

Modified Trophy Fee for a Brown Bear:  When you take your main animal on a single species hunt, we consider that we’ve earned our money, and we don’t like to spin our wheels on an add-on hunt that we don’t get paid for if a really bad stretch of weather is coming that could make us miss our scheduled flight and negatively impact following hunts, conditions are such that chances just are not good, or if something else significant and unexpected comes up.  Also, some hunters in the past have just plain missed after we’ve done every thing right. But if things look good, and you have a lot of time left and want to actively pursue a brown bear in addition to your moose, we’ll try to accommodate you.  I give the guide a bonus and I get something extra if we produce, so we have incentive to work hard for you.   We’ll collect $3000.00 up front to continue and you’ll pay an additional $4000.00 if you take a brown bear.  I’m a license vendor and in some cases, I can sell you additional tags in the field, but in most cases you’ll need to purchase the tag in advance.   If we have to relocate via air plane, there will be an additional air charter fee.

INCIDENTAL SPECIES; Black Bear, wolf and wolverine can be hunted on an incidental basis contingent upon open seasons.  “Incidental” means that we don’t move to or specifically hunt for them, but if we run across one and can take it without messing up your moose or brown bear hunt, you can.  You must purchase any necessary tags in advance.  We charge a $1000.00 trophy fee for an incidental black bear, and there is no additional charge for an incidental wolf or wolverine.  Wolf tags aren’t required by non residents in my concession area.  A black bear tag will work for either black bear or wolverine.

ADDING DAYS AND/OR AN EXTRA GUIDE; We will do everything possible to try to customize your hunt to meet your expectations.  Extra days and/or an extra guide are just two options on how we can adapt your hunt towards higher success and trophy quality and/or multiple species.  Let us know if either of these options interest you.


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