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Dear Prospective Clients,Moose Hunt

I hold Alaska Master Guide License #147, and have conducted over 150 guided hunts for moose, brown & grizzly bear, dall sheep and/or caribou since 1986.

I will work exceptionally hard to provide you a safe and enjoyable hunting experience and to get you a good trophy or trophies! 

I have a very good area that has not been over hunted it was off limits to guided non residents between 1988 and 2007. My “sole use” guide concession in Denali Preserve near Mt. McKinley, is current through 2017 and encompasses 600 plus square miles of fantastic hunting opportunities for brown & grizzly bear, moose and Dall’s Sheep, also black bear, wolf and wolverine.

Besides phenomenal hunting, this pristine area offers some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet! “Sole Use” means I am the only guide that can legally conduct hunts here.

Alaska Master Guide
Denali Air

We are now living in our new home/shop/hangar/office complex on Jacobsen Lake. In addition to guiding, we also market two Moose Calling and Hunting DVDs (“Love, Thunder & Bull in Alaska, Vol. 1 & 2), and our Bull Magnet ® Moose Call.

Our new shop
Alaska Remote's super cub

I’ve lived in Alaska for 35 years, hunt and fish every chance I get, own my own Super Cub and have 5500 plus hours of Alaska bush flying experience. I hire Alaskan registered guides whenever possible, and all guides in my concession area are required to have current Wilderness First Responder certification (an 80 hour first aid class). I generally hire one guide besides myself, and take two clients at a time and about 12 per year. Low volume affords me flexibility to personalize my hunts to match the client’s preferences, abilities and expectations.

If the above hunts interest you, contact me by email ASAP for specifics or to get on my active list for updates and announcements! If you’re interested in the best Moose Calling and Hunting DVDs available and/or the Bull Magnet®, check out our product links below or on the side of the page.

Wayne Kubat


Moose Hunting Products

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